The Ocean Society of India (OSI) announces the Seventh National Conference OSICON-2021 on the focal theme 'Ocean for Sustainable Development' from August 12-14, 2021


We, National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) and Ocean Society of India (OSI) are very happy to announce the launch of OSICON-21 conference website (visit us at Since 2009, OSI started organizing biennial conferences viz. OSICON-09; OSICON-11, OSICON-13, OSICON-15, OSICON-17, and OSICON-19 hosted at several leading academic/research institutes. OSICON-21, the Seventh National Conference is scheduled for 12-14th August 2021. The venue is the NCPOR, Goa, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. As we understand through the research, the ocean ecosystem soothes the climate and supports life and human well-being. However, recent studies indicate that much of the oceans are seriously degrading their potential to stabilize climate. Hence, the United Nations (UN) has proclaimed 'Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)' to support the efforts towards improving ocean health for the sustainable development of the ocean.  India is also launching an ambitious 'Deep Ocean Mission' to investigate the exploration of minerals, energy, and marine diversity of the deep ocean. Keeping in view of all concentrated efforts and activities that our nation and its Ocean community are witnessing in 2021, OSICON-21 would serve as an excellent platform for the Indian Ocean research community to express, contribute, and collect information on ocean processes. The focal theme for this Conference is "OCEAN FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT". The successes of the Conference lie in the wide publicity and active participation from the ocean community.


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