Southern Ocean ecosystem dynamics




The main theme of the expedition is to understand:

“Role and response of southern ocean to the regional and global climate variability" towards achieving this goal, following scientific studies have been identified:


  1. Study of the inter relationship between physical, chemical and biological elements occurring across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and their role in carbon sequestration and biogeochemistry
  2. Investigations on the air-sea-ice interaction and to understand the role of anthropogenic aerosols over southern ocean
  3.  Implications of thermohaline variations in the southern ocean and the repercussion of heat and mass exchange between tropics and Polar Regions on biogeochemistry
  4. Reconstruction of the paleo-environmental conditions for selected time slices during the last glacial-interglacial cycles to provide perspectives on future climate change
  5. To generate relevant/critical sea truth and atmospheric data for contributing to global climate data sets for prediction of climate models to mitigate/regulate climate change.