Environmental Authorization and Permit

India’s accession to the instrument of Antarctic Treaty was executed in 1983, after that, on signing the Madrid Protocol, also known as Environmental Protocol (Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty) in 1998 (adopted in 1991 and enforced in 1998), affirmed the comprehensive protection of Antarctic Environment and its dependent and associated ecosystems. 

Environmental Authorization and Permit is required for commencing activities within the south of 60 degrees south and marine area under the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).   


 Environmental Authorization and Permit Requirement applies to

  1. Undertake activities in the Antarctic Treaty area by Indian Antarctic Expedition Member/s or other organization/s or any citizen of India, or part of it, including scientists and logistic personnel.
  2. Citizens and organizations of State Party other than India, if their activity is part of the Indian Antarctic Expedition and they have not obtained Permit or authorization from their respective Country.

(Provided the proponent intends to enter into Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) or any activity that shall have an environmental impact on the Antarctic environment and its dependent and associated ecosystems)


If visiting, Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA), Antarctic Specially Managed Area (ASMA) and Historic Site and Monument (HSM) 


This information is required to ensure that visitors understand the correct procedures and are also aware of the appropriate conduct while on-site visitation.  


  • Visiting ASPA is prohibited, except under a permit issued.
  • It is prohibited to damage, remove or destroy any Antarctic Historic Site and Monument (HSM)or any part of it.
  • In advance, the applicant must inform all the research station/s located within ASMA or their administrative            office through NCPOR or Indian Research Stations’ Leader if intent to commence any activity within the ASMA.
  •  Each ASPA has its own Management Plan, which one should study before travel and must be carried in                person while entering the specific ASPA area. 
  •  When answering the questions, the proponent should summarise how it will adhere to the           provisions described in the Management Plan for the ASPA(s)  intent to visit.     


    ASPA, ASMA and HSM managed by India and/or party to it:

     1.      Historic Site And Monument (HSM- 44): A Plaque Erected At “Dakshin Gangotri” Station

     2.      Historic Site And Monument (HSM- 78):  Memorial plaque at India Point, Humboldt Mountains, Wohlthat

              Massif, central Dronning Maud Land

     3.      Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA-163) -Dakshin Gangotri Glacier, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctic

             Specially Protected Area

     4.      Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA-174) - Stornes, Larsemann Hills, Princess Elizabeth Land

     5.      Antarctic Specially Managed Area (ASMA-6) - Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica


    Road Map of Application Approval


    After obtaining the clearance of the Environmental Review process of the scientific proposal and provisional intimation from NCPOR, the application form should be submitted at least three months before commencing activity in Antarctica. 

    The procedure below is instituted for application assessment to provide a Permit and environmental authorization for those who intend to undertake the Antarctic activity.

         1.   The proponent shall download the application form from the Treaty and Environment section of the Antarctic

               Expedition from the website.

         2.   The proponent shall contact the Environmental Officer, NCPOR, mainly if the proposed activity is unusual or

               complicated, as soon as possible

        3.   The proponent shall, if necessary, complete an Initial Environmental Evaluation (IEE) or Comprehensive

               Environmental Evaluation (CEE) of the proposed activity likely to commence in Antarctica

        4.   The proponent shall complete and submit the application form at least three months before commencing the

              activity in Antarctica

        5.    The application shall be assessed then, if required, the proponent shall be asked to provide clarification,

               further information and document, as needed, or maybe requested to attend a meeting at NCPOR

        6.    If the proposed activity is commensurate with the Management Plan of a particular ASPA or EIA process, the

              Permit shall  be issued, otherwise denied.

    Editable Forms for Environmental Authorization, Permit Application and Post Visit/Activity

    S.No  Description                                     Download                                                                      
    1 Permit Application Form – PED 001                     

    PED001_ver3.0.pdf & Instructions PED001_Ins_ver3.0.pdf          
    2 Post Visit Report – PED 002                                  PED002_ver3.0.pdf
    3 Environmental Authorization Form– PED 003           PED003_ver3.0.pdf & Instructions PED003_Ins_ver3.0.pdf

    4 Post Visit and Activity Report – PED 004 PED004_ver3.0.pdf