In the year 1988 an ice free, rocky area on the Schirmacher oasis was selected to build the Second Research Station “Maitri (70o45’52” S & 11o44’03” E). The building was erected on steel stilts, and has since stood the test of time.  Maitri also serves as a gateway to one of the largest mountain chains in central Dronning Maud land, located south of Schirmacher.  It is an inland station about 100 km from the shore at an elevation of about 50 meters above sea level. It can support 25 persons in the main building during summers as well as winters and about 40 in summer facility comprising of containerized living modules. The station consists of one main building, fuel farm, fuel station, lake water pump house, a summer camp and a number of smaller containerized modules. The main building offers regulated power supply, automated heating with hot and cold running water, incinerator toilets, cold storage, PA system, living, dining, lounge and containerized laboratory space. The communication is through dedicated satellite channels providing connectivity for voice, video and data with India mainland.