NCAOR Staff - Dr. Koushick Sen

Dr. Koushick Sen

Project Scientist II
Department Name : Marine Mineral Section
Desk No : +91-832-2525587
Field Of Specilization : Geology, Tectonics, Mineralogy, EPMA
Current Research Activities : Hydrothermal Sulphide Exploration, Electron Probe (EPMA) applications

Academic Record

Ph.D (2015): Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun (MoU with UPES, Dehradun)
M.Tech. (2009): Petroleum Exploration from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad

M.Sc.(2007): Applied Geology from Presidency College, Kolkata

B.Sc. (2005): Geology from J.K. College Purulia, Burdwan University

Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE 2007: AIR 67)

National Eligibility Test in 2011(CSIR NET JRF + Lectureship: AIR 39) 


Scholarship from MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource, India) during M.Tech (2007-2009) 
D. N. Wadia National Fellowship Pursuing research (PhD) in Himalayan Geology,

Research Area

Mid Ocean Ridge Tectonics and Hydrothermal Mineralization,

Electron Probe Micro-Analyzer (EPMA) applications and analyses of various geological samples,

Himalayan Geodynamics (Suture Zone ophiolites and melanges)

Selected Publications:


1. Sen Koushick, Das Souvik, Mukherjee Barun K, Sen Koushik., 2013, Bimodal stable isotope signatures of Zildat Ophiolitic Mélange, Indus Suture Zone, Himalaya: implications for emplacement of an ophiolitic mélange in a convergent set-up, International Journal of Earth Sciences. Vol 102 (7) 2033-2042.


2. Das Souvik, Mukherjee Barun K, Basu A R, Sen Koushick., 2015, “Peridotitic minerals of the Nidar Ophiolite in the NW Himalaya: sourced from the depth of the mantle transition zone and above” Geological Society, London, Special Publications. Vol - 412, Issue - SP412. 12.


3. Naveen, S. Sarkar, T. Nirmal Kumar, D. Ray, S. Bhattacharya, A.D. Shukla, H.Moitra, A. Dagar, P. Chauhan, K. Sen, S. Das. (2019). Mineralogy and spectroscopy (VIS near infrared and micro-Raman) of chromite from Nidar ophiolite complex, SE Ladakh, India Implications for future planetary exploration. Planetary and Space Science, 165, 1-9.


4. Sen, K., Mukherjee, B. K., Manas M., Sen, K., and Mukherjee, S. (2019). Two-stage exhumation of Zildat Ophiolitic Melange rocks, NW Himalaya, India. Himalayan Geology, 40(2), 182-189.


5. Souvik Das, Asish R. Basu, Barun K. Mukherjee, Franco Marcantonio, Koushick Sen, Satadru Bhattacharya, Robert T. Gregory (2020). Origin of Indus ophiolitehosted ophicarbonate veins Isotopic evidence of mixing between seawater and continental crust-derived fluid during Neo-Tethys closure.

Chemical Geology.


6. Yogesh Ray, Subhajit Sen, Koushick Sen, M. Javed Beg, (2021). Quantifying the past glacial movements in Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica, Polar Science, Volume 30,

7. Prakash, L. S., John, K. P., Resing, J. A., Tsunogai, U., Rao, A. S., Sen, K., Lupton, J. E., Baumberger, T., Prajith, A. and Roy, P. (2022). Volatile-rich hydrothermal plumes over the southern Central Indian Ridge, 24⁰49' S: Evidence for a new hydrothermal field hosted by ultramafic rocks. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.


  • Sen Koushick, “Section of Nidar Ophiolite, Indus Suture Zone, Himalaya”. Cover Image published in Geology (GSA), Vol.45,No.8,2017
  • Sen Koushick, “Pseudo-Nodules in Chakrata Formation: A syndepositional record of paleoseismicity”, Cover Photo published in Himalayan Geology, Vol.31,No.2,2010.