Paleoclimate Publications of team members in different projects (2007-2012)

  • Rahul Mohan, K. Verma, L. P. Mergulhao, D. K. Sinha, S. Shanvas, M. V. S. Guptha, 2006. Seasonal variation of pteropods from the Western Arabian Sea sediment trap. Geo marine Letters. 26(5):265-273. [ IF : 1.43].
  • Laluraj, C.M, Krishnan, K.P., Thamban, M., Rahul Mohan, A., Chaturvedi, Naik, S.S., Dsouza, W. and Ravindra, R., 2008, Characterisation and origin of micro particle in the ice core from the Central Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, DOI 10.1007/s10661-008-0212-y. [IF : 1.43].
  • Rasik Ravindra, Thamban, Meloth, Rahul Mohan, and M. J. D’Souza. (2008). Antarctic earth sciences: Indian perspective. Glimpses of Indian geosciences research in India, the Indian report to IUGS 2004-08; 1-6 pp.
  • Suhas S. Shetye, M. Sudhakar, R. Mohan and A. Tyagi. 2009. Implications of organic carbon, trace elemental and CaCO3 variations in a sediment core from the Arabian Sea. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 38(4), pp.432-438. [IF : 0.3]
  • A.C. Narayana, Rahul Mohan, Ravi Mishra (2010) A Preliminary Study on Morphology and Surface Textures of Quartz Grains from Fresh Water Lakes of McLeod Island, Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica. Current Science, Bangalore CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 99, NO. 10, 25 NOVEMBER 2010, pp.1420-1424, Special Section: INDIAN CONTRIBUTION IN SOUTHERN OCEAN.
  • Satya Prakash, R. Ramesh, M. S. Sheshshayee, Rahul Mohan and M Sudhakar,(2010) Effect of iron enrichment on nitrogen assimilation by marine planktons in the Southern Ocean. Current Science, Vol.99, No.10, pp.1400-1404, Special Section: INDIAN CONTRIBUTION IN SOUTHERN OCEAN.
  • N. Anilkumar, Rahul Mohan, Sunil Kumar Shukla, S. M. Pednekar, M. Sudhakar and R. Ravindra (2010) Signature of coastal upwelling in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica during austral summer 2006, CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 99, NO. 10, 25 NOVEMBER 2010, pp.1390-1394, Special Section: INDIAN CONTRIBUTION IN SOUTHERN OCEAN.
  • Manish Tiwari, Rahul Mohan, Thamban Meloth, Sushant S.Naik, M. Sudhakar  (2011). On Effect of Varying Frontal  Systems on the Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Composition of the modern Planktic Foraminifera in the Southern Ocean Current Science, Vol.100, No.6, pp.811-887, March.
  • Deepti V. G. Dessai, Ksh.Tomchou Singh, Rahul Mohan,  G. N. Nayak  and  M. Sudhakar (2011) Reading source and processes from distribution of suspended particulate matter and its selected elemental chemistry in Southern and Indian Oceans. Current Science, 100(8), pp.1193-1200.
  • S. Sardessai, M.V. Maya, Suhas S. Shetye, S. Prasanna kumar, Veronica Fernandes, Jane paul  and N. Ramaiah. 2010.   Environmental controls on the seasonal carbon dioxide fluxes in the northeastern Indian ocean. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences. Vol 39 (2) pp192-200. [IF : 0.3]
  • Manoj, M.C., M. Thamban, N. Basavaiah, R. Mohan (2011). Evidence for climatic and oceanographic controls on terrigenous sediment supply to the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean over the past 63,000 years. GEO-MARINE LETTERS, DOI 10.1007/s00367-011-0267-6. [IF : 1.74].
  • Naveen Gandhi, Arvind Singh, Satya Prakash, Ramesh Rengaswamy, Mini Raman, Madavalam Sheshshayee, Suhas Shetye 2011. First direct measurements of N2 fixation during a Trichodesmium bloom in the eastern Arabian Sea. Global Biogeochemical cycles. VOL. 25, GB4014, 10 PP., 2011. [IF : 5.26].
  • Sardessai, S. ; Suhas S. Shetye; M.V. Maya; Mangala K.R ; Prasanna Kumar, S. 2010. Nutrients characteristics of the water masses and their seasonal variability in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean. Marine Environmental Research, 70, pp.272-282. [IF : 2.1]
  • Suhas S. Shetye, Maruthadu Sudhakar, Rahul Mohan, Babula Jena. Contrasting Productivity and Redox Potential in Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Journal of Earth Science. [IF : 0.31].

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