Application Forms to Obtain Permit


Expedition members who are willing to participate in the forthcoming Indian Antarctic Expedition (organized by NCPOR (MoES), Goa, launch in November/December each year,) either in groups or individuals, to accomplish either scientific or logistic activity in Antarctica, should duly fill the editable pdf form, sign and countersigned by head of institution/Director should be submitted to NCPOR for obtaining Permit from Committee on Antarctic Governance and Environmental Protection.


Member/s who shall be submitting the forms need to read the “Note” at the end of the application Form to follow the instructions and submission of necessary documents along with the application forms.

If a member/group/organization is willing to execute more than one activity he/she needs to fill out other relevant Forms and submit them to NCPOR.

If an expedition member is willing to collect any kind of sample from the Antarctic or Convention area he/she must fill out Form 1(C) apart from, Form 1

If participants are more than fifteen in numbers in a group and Annexure A does not have sufficient space appended to a particular Form, then the Group Head may utilize Annexure A (Long List) to provide details of the members.

Once the Permit is issued by the Committee on Antarctic Governance and Environmental Protection (CAG-EP,) to the proponent, he/he should abide by all the conditions, mentioned in the Permit, issued to perform, specified activity/ies.

After completing the activity, the proponent has to submit the Post activity report (R1 to R3 as applicable), within one month of returning from Antarctica.

The following forms are available in editable PDF format

1.      For Indian Expedition to Antarctica/ To Enter /To Stay at Indian Stations (Form 1)

2.      For Entering and Performing Activities In Antarctic Specially Protected Area/ Marine Protected Area (Form 1A)

3.      For Mineral Resource Activity (Form 1B)

4.      For Permit to allow the (Form 1C):

(a)    Introduction of Non-Native Animals, Plants or Microscopic Organisms

(b)   Removal or Damage to Native Plants/ Birds/Mammals

(c)    Disturb the Habitat of Native Birds

(d)   Remove Soil or Biological Material

(e)    Collection/Removal of any Other Sample for Scientific Research

5.      For Permit for Vessel/Aircraft Entering Into Antarctic/ Convention Area (Form 2 Part A to D)

6.      For fishing activity details (Form 2 Part E)

7.      For tourism/recreational activity (Form 2 Part F)

8.      On Permit issued for entry, carrying out activities and stay in Antarctica (Form R1)

9.      On Permit issued to enter Antarctic Specially Protected Area/Marine Protected Area/Historic Site

         and Monuments (Form R2)


10.   On Permit issued for Fishing/Tourism/Recreational Activity in Antarctica (Form R3)