Right To Information

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1 Right To Information Act PDF
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RTI data for website 16032023.PDF

2 Quarterly Statement of Domestic Deputations of Director, NCPOR PDF
English-588 KB

Domestic Tour Oct-Dec 22.PDF

3 Quarterly Statement of Foreign Deputations of Director, NCAOR PDF
English-438 KB

Foreign Tour Oct- Dec 22.PDF

4 Resolution PDF
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Resolution 23 jan 20.PDF

5 Memorandum of Association PDF
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English-302 KB

Society Memorandum of Association 2022.PDF

Old - MoA.PDF

6 Immovable Property Return PDF
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Immovable Property.PDF

7 NCPOR Byelaws PDF
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NCPOR Bye Laws 2022.PDF

Old- NCPOR Byelaws.PDF

8 NCPOR Personnel Rules and Regulations PDF
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NCPOR Rules and Regulations 2022.PDF

Old - Personnel R&R.PDF

9 NCPOR Citizen Charter 2023-24 PDF
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Citizen carter NCPOR 21032023 Bilingual.PDF

10 Gazette Notification regarding change of name of the organisation PDF
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Gazette Notification regarding change of name of the organisation 23 Jan20.PDF

11 Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee PDF
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Constitution of ICC.PDF