IODP-Indian representation on various forums/panels

India being an associate member has been actively participating in meetings of the various scientific and administrative panels of the IODP. This includes membership to the formerly known Science Advisory Structure (SAS), International Working Group plus (IWG+), Science Planning and Implementation Committee (SIPCom – Shri R K Sharma, MoES) and the Proposal Evaluation Panel (PEP – Prof. A K Singhvi, PRL), Site Characterisation Panel (SCP- Dr. Dhananjai K Pandey, NCPOR) and Technology Panel (TP – Dr. Sathianarayanan - NIOT). 


In Phase II of IODP, following members are nominated by India:


  1. Prof A.K. Singhvi, PRL: Science Evaluation Panel – (SEP – Science)
  2. Dr. Dhananjai K. Pandey, NCPOR: Science Evaluation Panel – (SEP – Site)
  3. Dr. B.K. Bansal, Adviser MoES: JRFGB (JOIDES Resolution Facility Governing Board) and IODP Forum